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Title: Rules of the forum.
Post by: leahday on March 03, 2012, 03:08:37 pm
These are simple guidelines for members to follow to keep this a happy, safe haven for everyone.

1-Please be kind and considerate to all members.

2-Please be respectful of Ms Pulver's privacy. Questions about her private life and whom she is involved with will not be tolerated on this forum.

3-Lurking is highly discouraged. Admin asks all members to please post when they can. You will not be deleted for lurking but it is not encouraged at all.

4-Please do not attack members for whom they like to ship. This is a place for people to have a good time, not to feel threatened and we can't all like the same thing.

5-People claiming to be a friend/Lara and not provide proof will be asked to leave the forum.

6- Please do not post water marked or private pictures of Lara.

7-Signature sizes may vary but please do not make them too large

8-Link pimping is allowed and encouraged.

9-Character bashing will only be accepted if it is used in a creative, amusing sense, eg games fan fic, music videos or artwork. Please add a warning so members can avoid it.
You are entitled to your own opinion, but if posting something negative about a character in a none creative thread, please keep it none aggressive. May be add a warning so fans know they may not like your subject.

10-Please do not steal artwork from members. It's better to ask then to steal.